Jay and I decided last year that we’d refrain from the bank blow that is Valentine’s day. We are normally both pretty fucking generous when it comes to ‘gifts’ and we tend to give them through out the year, not save them for random Hallmark Holidays. Last year, he sent me the most GIGANTIC bouquet of perfect, white roses that I’ve EVER SEEN. Literally, it was like 2 dozen white roses or some retarded shit– to the cost of several hundred dollars. I decided then that forcing encouraging him to send me flowers to my office was stupid, and not to do it anymore. That said- it was then we agreed to no more Valentine’s gifts.

However, yesterday I ran to the store and picked up a card at lunch. I came back, wrote some shit in it, and then went to put it in the envelope:

I don't know how it happened.

I don’t know how it happened.


I didn’t check the fucking envelope before I left the store! So then, I ripped the envelope. TWICE.



At least the sex was amazing…



Happy Friday, ya’ll!


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