Thanksgiving is a really weird ass holiday for me. Earlier, I wrote all this shit down about why I felt Thanksgiving was weird as fuck, but then I found something that summed my views perfectly:



Truth. Really.


So, yeah. Pretty much instead of giving thanks to some invisible dude in the sky, I’ll thank Jay and the kids for standing by me no matter WHAT, and showing me what love and commitment to family is REALLY about, I’ll thank my grandparents for always being there for me, even when I was a complete assbag to them, and I’d like to say thanks to my friends that make me laugh like a maniac.  To ‘celebrate’ we’ll be having ham bone soup,  and enjoying a visit from a friend of ours, and generally just lounging around relaxing.


In other news, this shit is hilar:

I found this on some new random site.






This site is awesome in a million ways. Go there.



The owl is legit.



Jesus christ. It’s like that fat worm guy from Star Wars.





You guys be safe and have a FANTASTIC holiday!

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3 Responses to Inappropriate Holidays

  1. Jana says:

    HOLY JESUS that cat is huge! I would be afraid it would eat me…..if it could get on the bed
    Jana recently posted…I would like to have a catchy title, but I used my last funny thought photoshopping shitMy Profile

  2. Nat says:

    That cat scares the shit out of me. Truly.
    Nat recently posted…Inappropriate HolidaysMy Profile

  3. Mrs. Tuna says:

    I’m sure the fire alarm is due to go off any minute.
    Mrs. Tuna recently posted…The Poisoned PenMy Profile

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